[News] The Playground is Open

Hey everyone! We’re back to bring you more news about the world of tech. To celebrate our return, I am proud to report that Google has announced the date of the next step in what we know and love about Android. As a bonus to our return, I will report of some new additions to the Play Store that have happened while we were down. I know that we have disappointed many of you (our 20 total readers), but we’re making up for it by expanding our news base. Anyway, without further ado, here is more on Google.

Google has sent out press invites that tell us “The playground is open.” and below that it tells us Join us for an Android event. This is it, Google’s unveiling of the LG Nexus and the next version of Android, 4.2. Android 4.2 will still be called Jelly Bean, as it is a minor update from 4.1, but from the supposed leaks I’ve seen so far, it may be as feature packed as a normal upgrade. The event will be held in NYC on October 29, 2012 at 10:00 AM. Some rumors that have been popping up about the Nexus is that there are multiple Nexi this year, and a “leaked” Sony Nexus has been shown (image below).

This has yet to be confirmed, but multiple Nexi mean more choices to choose from. Anyway, we’ll be covering the Google event once it launches, so be sure to check back on us!


Here is the bonus news. Over the past few months that we’ve been out of operation, Google has released Google Play Store cards!!!!! Finally something that will help the Google Play Store gain some momentum. If you ever wanted to buy some apps, but didn’t want to charge them on your credit card, this is your chance to do so. You can also buy Play Store cards for your friends who have Android phones instead of iTunes cards. Neato. You can redeem them in either the web or mobile Play Store, or add them to your Google Wallet.

Google has just started to roll out a wishlist feature on the Play Store. You can save apps that you want to download later and view them all in a convenient list in the Play Store. I’m not sure if you can publicly display your wishlist, but even if not now, I’m sure that Google will implement it soon. The update will be rolling out to your Play Store app, so you will notice this feature sooner or later.

That’s all for now folks, hope all our readers come back, and with friends. See you all next time.

Google Event: [Droid Life]

Play Store Wishlists: [Android Police]


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